A zoom through the technosphere

A video by fieldstation studio

HD, duration 10:34 min.

The environment is increasingly saturated with digital technologies: internet-of-things, global communication and transportation technologies, mobile devices, increased satellite coverage, location based services, ubiquitous computing… Together these technologies form an emerging accidental megastructure that is reordering the spatial layout of our planet. This technological layer is increasingly sensing and logging our world, introducing new ways of seeing and making sense of the world.

The PROMETHEUS video is a zoom through the various scales of the technologically saturated environments. Reminiscent of the Powers of Ten, the film produced by Ray and Charles Eames in 1977, it traverses various scales over a number of sequences: into the screen, extended bodies, augmented interiors, mediated building and numb city. The video is resulted from a collective and blind data logging, scanning our environments through photogrammetry and rendered on screen as point clouds.